Deluxe/Volume 1&2 Quilt Pattern Book: Deluxe Edition -
Deluxe/Volume 1&2 Quilt Pattern Book: Deluxe Edition
The North Carolina Museum of History offers this book of 25 historical quilt patterns based on quilts in the museum collection. The book features full-size patterns representing a range of popular designs in North Carolina from 1848 to 1974. The book was produced by the museum in conjunction with the Raleigh-based Capital Quilters Guild. The Deluxe Edition features both Volume I and Volume II together in one book. The patterns in Volume I were originally produced in 1979 for the first North Carolina Quilt Symposium. The patterns in Volume II were produced in 2003 in honor of the symposium’s twenty-fifth anniversary.

Volume I includes the following patterns:
Cotton Boll, Whig Rose, Rose and Coxcomb Variation, Blazing Star Variation, Mixed T, Double T, Capital T, French Star, Single Wedding Ring, Presidential Album, North Carolina Lily, North Carolina Rose, North Carolina Star

Volume II includes the following patterns:
Six-Pointed Star, Mariner’s Compass, Harvest Sun, Hand of Friendship, North Carolina Lily, Sunburst Variation, Basket, Heel Tap and Shoe Point, Tulip and Plume Variation, Feathered Star Variation, Rocky Road to Kansas, Sky Rocket

This Deluxe Edition is hand-bound with linen cord and features a color cover and full-color pages. It is laminated with Japanese jacquard paper, and pieces of fabric are imbedded in the handmade paper flyleaves. The edition’s Somerset cotton cover stock was mouldmade in England. Design, printing, and binding by Rosenberry books, etc. for the North Carolina Museum of History.
14" X 8 ¾". 49 pages.


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